architectural designer at work

Dominic has been working in the property design, consultancy and development market since 2000. Prior to this, he spent 16 years based in London working as a television and theatre actor – having been trained in ‘the method’ by Yat Malgrem in the 80s, he went onto to work with the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company and a multitude of TV production companies throughout the UK.  His theatrical journey took him all across the UK and Europe and it was during these tours that he became inspired by the wonders of set design and involving himself in the technical aspects of putting on a successful production.

Marriage and a family eventually inspired Dominic and his wife, Jo, down to the tempting fresh air of the Sussex coast and they joined the Soho-by-the-Sea crowd in Brighton in 1997.

Following this move out of London, Dominic found himself making use of his fledgling property design, consultancy and development skills to perform house repairs to the family properties. And, after three successful property sales, it became obvious that the constant trips up and down the UK for auditions and voice overs were no longer the boards he wished to tread and Dominic made the call to his agent that he was retiring from acting to pursue a career in property.

Dominic’s talents in building work and design were developed improving a dozen houses and flats in as many years and he felt confident to move into developing for others, setting up his own company, Cocoon. Dominic oversaw the development of more than 50 homes in five years, all for private clients, and gained vast experience with period properties and all aspects of the building industry.  Every single property worked on gained significant value for its owners.  Please see here for examples.

While running his own building firm Dominic realised that he loved working with clients and their homes in a new, intrinsically different way; to partner with them and help realise their dreams.  He relished the chance to put together property design, consultancy and development packages, suggest ways to create light and space, take the best parts of a building and make them sing, so the occupiers’ lives were infinitely enhanced by extending, modifying or just opening up dark, gloomy or even just uninspiring spaces in the most efficient and beautiful ways possible.

Dominic works with CAD and other software to bring his clients’ ideas to life.  He also ensures his knowledge of the industry, including planning governance, are all encompassed and brought to bear in his client engagements.

It’s that drive and combination of heart and head that keeps him interested in space and structure and to keep finding better ways to improve peoples’ lives, by listening to what it is that his clients need, considering the most sympathetic approach and delivering solutions that clients feel confident they can hand over to their chosen tradespeople to deliver their dream home.