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Architectural Design Consultancy in brighton

We can manage your expectations of build cost BEFORE a builder gets involved and help you make the best architectural design decisions on layout and space.

Worried about excessive architect fees?  Concerned your builder may not fully understand what you need for your property?

We can help.

After twenty years in the domestic property business we can give you the right kind of architectural design for houses advice to ensure your build gets off to the right start within a realistic budget with you in control from the offset.

It’s not about the budget; it’s about the vision.

Big budgets don’t necessarily make for good property development or guaranteed returns on investment.

Don’t imagine the biggest profits are made with the biggest budgets; you can make significant returns just by realising the best for the building you’re in without spending fortunes.

Our aim is to offer good architectural design consultations to make the best of your Brighton property by employing efficient, cost-effective architectural design techniques to transform uninspiring buildings into unique homes with a strong focus on GDV (Gross Development Value) ensuring the investment made returns the desired result.

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Architectural Design Consultations Brighton

Project Delivery

3d visualisations

With our variety of packages you have various options to take advantage of the wealth of our experience from a simple two-hour consultation to a full design package including 3D visualisations, product specifications and full works’ scheduling. 

We oversee planning applications and permitted development builds.

We are passionate about interior remodelling and have vast experience in opening up spaces, making the most of existing space, improving windows, doors and flooring with a focus on using the original structure wherever possible but maximising its impact on the overall financial value of the build.

 You can be sure that our architectural design consultations for Sussex houses advice will leave you confident with the envisioned space, materials, fittings and finishes that will greatly improve the final look of your project.

External improvements are often the last elements of a build to consider but to us it is essential to get right as what is seen from the kerb is as important as what’s experienced from inside a home.  See here for more details on external detailing.

Architectural Design Consultation

Two hours’ consultancy (ideally at your property but we have provided this process through virtual meetings with Teams and Zoom & usually at 20% discount).  This would include firming up precisely what it is that you need (and not what a builder wants to provide to you) and looking at an overall realistic budget.

You can expect all the options for your home to be considered and discussed in this session including wall finishes, guttering, tiles, paint finishes, worktop options, boundary treatments etc.  This session also includes determining an approximate but realistic budget for all works required to manage your expectations of costs.

We want to help you approach your project with all the information you need to source materials, engage tradespeople, choose fixtures and fittings and start your project with confidence.

In these sessions we can help you understand the best way to approach the process and we can furnish you with all the right tools to help you make the best choices for your home and, as importantly, where it’s located and what other buildings surround it.

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Project Delivery SUPPORT

Once your builder has been chosen, using our own unique vetting service and tender documentation, we can provide to you a contract between you and your tradesperson that will help to support the build process.  This document, based precisely on the works you’re having done, will ensure no part of the build stages get paid for until they are each completed.

We can also provide to you ongoing support on site to ensure what you’re paying for actually gets done to the standard you expect.  Also we can gently oversee what is being provided and to check the works’ progress is reasonable.  

There are many elements to a build that make it vulnerable to delays but very few on a simple extension or minor remodelling should be significant.  For a modest fee to cover travelling costs and one hour on site per week we can ensure you understand where and when it’s appropriate to query apparent delays or challenge poor workmanship.  Your contract with your tradesperson is a legal document which will go some way to ensuring you get what you expect but you will find gentle assurances throughout the build will go a long way to help the process go smoothly.
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We can provide photorealistic architectural design images and 3D visualisations for external buildings, extensions and kitchens including details of roofing, windows, doors, guttering and bargeboards all designed in-house using CAD-based software.  See here for more details on photorealistic architectural design visualisations.

3D visualisations manage your expectations of precisely what it is you can expect to be built.  These can be external or internal and with as many changes (as is reasonable) until you’re happy with all the elements detailed.  These visualisations are incredibly good value and further help to protect you from any misunderstandings with your tradespeople.  They can also be added to the tender document, should you need it to be produced, to help the trades to quote correctly.
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Highly detailed drawings for your builder to work from makes their quoting easier and gives you full control of what you can expect to be built.

3D walkthrough and visualisation service is also available to manage your expectations.