calculating costs of a build

Calculating costs

Calculating costs of a build can be a minefield and not for the faint hearted.  Multiple trades working in one room alone can be very tricky to assess and when a whole property is being refurbished or extended then calculating costs can make most home owners, unused to the way projects are run, become very frustrated prior to any works even beginning because it’s hard to know how long each job will take.  Also, if you’re unsure about which trade gets paid what rate it’s almost impossible to do, say, an extension cost calculator.

We have the tools

Here at Clover we use various tools to calculate costs and have found, over the years, working on a myriad of projects that attempting to determine precise costs is time consuming and quite challenging particularly for novices.

However, our 20-years’ experience of developing property for ourselves and private clients informs us of the likely overruns, the potential pitfalls and the possible extras before the works begin ensuring your budget does not get blown.

Can I have a go?!

Fancy having a go yourself?  Click the image to the right for our Lite Costs Calculator (based solely on materials and trades’ day rates) free for you to use.  This spreadsheet will populate all the totals if you enter information into the green text boxes.  Don’t forget to check day rates if you know them or just leave them as they are in the cost calculator to get an approximate idea of, say, what it’ll cost you to hire a bricklayer for 15 days.  Have fun with it!

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