Can I still have a tradesperson inside my home?

During Lockdown 3 Can I still have a tradesperson inside my home?

Yes. Tradespeople can still work at your home and in your garden. Tradespeople must follow the appropriate Covid19 advice so they and you stay safe while they work or meet you to discuss works.

How to remain safe while a tradesperson is working either in your home or garden.

If a tradesperson is to work in your home, you must talk to them about how the work or even just meeting you to dicsuss the work will be done considering social distancing and personal hygiene.
Before they arrive make sure you open windows and ensure there is good air circulation.  If you open doors it will prevent them from having to do so which will further protect you all.
Two-metres is the minimum distance you must maintain between yourselves and the tradespeople at all times and unless the tradespeople themselves are in a bubble they must also keep two metres apart.
It’s important for them to only be where they actaully need to be so once they’ve left for the day it makes it easier for you to disinfect any areas where they have been.
It is essential that you inform the tradespeople if you develop Covid symptoms after they have been, even if their work is complete.  It s also an obligation that the tradespeople inform you if they develop syptoms of Covid19.
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