Crittal steel windows

I’m in the middle of preparing a consultation for clients who are very keen on the ‘Crittal steel windows’ look.

Blimey but they’re expensive and even the firms doing reproduction versions can still charge significant amounts for that classic look.

Crittal steel windows and doors originating from the early part of the last century were widely used in domestic houses and industry as a quickly installed and easily maintained alternative to sliding sashes and casement windows traditionally made from timber.

They’re very heavy, made from steel and were so strong you rarely needed a significant lintel above to support the upper walls as the frames did the job so well.

Don’t try to reinstall them in any external opening to a domestic building as they’ll never meet thermal loss specifications as none are double glazed. As room dividers in homes however they are superb and easily refurbished due the galvanised steel that means most of these 100-year old items are perfectly rust free if undoubtedly in need of TLC and refurbishment.

Our neighbour had to replace theirs some time ago… 

…and was quite sorely put out as they needed to install new supporting steels above the opening to replace the structural strength of the Crittal which in turn reduced the height of the opening leading to less light to the building.

There’s a great second-hand market in Crittal steel windows and doors and we ourselves have managed to move several units on where they’ve been taken out of 20s and 30s buildings we’ve worked with.

If you’re determined to get that look for your rear doors in your shiny new extension…

…then look to spend about £8-£15k for a 4-metre wide opening for double-glazed, highly thermally efficient versions.

Alternatives? Well that’s a post for another day.

What’s your opinion ? Crittal or something else?

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