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Garden Rooms Designed and Built In brighton

During these worrying times we’ve all had to consider new ways for getting on in the world and many of us are considering seriously working from home rather than face the uncertainty of commuting into work.  In fact many employers now accept that their employees can achieve as much work as necessary in a safer way and in many cases even more efficiently.  Why not consider a garden room? Our Brighton based garden rooms offer the ideal working from home solution, and are eco friendly.

 We’ve designed and installed many garden rooms all around Brighton and Hove and clients find them to be everything they need them to be with lots of space, well insulated and a joy to work in.

These garden rooms are practical and beautiful additions to your home and will greatly improve your property’s value. 

Cost effective

These hand-built pods cost significantly less than any home extension or loft conversion and have a fixed base price.  There are no ‘hidden extras’ and the savings compared with moving house are significant

No Planning Permission

In most cases they can be installed without any formal planning consent and where planning permission is required as a property consultancy practice we can oversee it for you as apart of the package.

15 days to install

We can install these beautiful garden rooms in Brighton in just 15 days (up to pre-decoration) with a lot less disruption than any extension or loft conversion.

Eco-friendly and tax efficient

These studios are built from sustainable FSC timber, with an option for a living sedum roof, low energy LED lighting plus high performance insulation and double glazing. And if you use the room as your workplace it will do wonders for your carbon footprint and is tax deductible so, after a few years, it will pay for itself

Tailored to you

Everyone’s perfect garden rooms are different.  Our Brighton based property consultancy can design any space you want, with a shower room, surround sound, a mini kitchen or something totally unique.  

We can also create the ‘off-grid’ version , a fully functioning space with rain water harvesting and solar panels if required.

Half the price of a loft conversion with double the space

Most Victorian terraced homes particularly in conservation areas are restricted by planning laws that prevent dormers which means any allowed loft conversions are restricted in height and width.  These beautifully crafted studios provide considerably more usable space and are constructed to higher than required insulation standards.  We use the highest specification insulation to achieve exceptional thermal performance as used on many new eco homes. Plus there’s no need for conventionally deep foundations so the impact on your garden is minimal.  The roof is moulded from high-performance fibreglass (GRP) that comes with a 25-year guarantee for total peace of mind.      

See here for more of what we can do to improve your property and guide you to a better home life.

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