Govt backed grants for Heat Pumps

Great to see HM Gov committing at least some cash towards inspiring home owners to either switch to heap pumps from gas boilers or install in new build.

The directive will see, from April 2022, 90k homes benefit from a £5k cash incentive and along with, say, Octupus Energy’s subsidy offer of £2.5k might see some household upgrade for free. The grant is maxed at £450m.

But few articles on this mention insulation and the correct kind of ventilation.

There will be very little benefit with these installations unless homes are equipped with mechanical heat recovery ventilation, which returns the heat it extracts at an efficiency rate of, usually, 75% combined with the correctly specified insulation.  

And don’t expect much efficiency with this new tech if you’re trying to heat environmentally a Victorian home with solid walls, open fireplaces and single glazed sash windows.

And why only 90,000 homes? There are currently 23m homes in the UK and it’s currently thought 90-95% aren’t insulated properly or ventilated in a way that doesn’t just extract expensively produced heat. This means the target to ban gas boilers by 2035 seems like greenwash when you consider actual implemented policies that are supposed to lead us to that goal.

it’s a start but it doesn’t go far enough.