photorealistic architectural visualisations

The problem most people face when having their home developed is that they find it hard to envisage what the eventual ‘look’ will be.  With various software to hand we can manage your expectations and advise what materials and colours would work best with your home. 

The photo realistic visualisation here, a kitchen physically completed January 2020 in Brighton, is achieved after 2d drawings have been finalised to determine precisely the layout you need.  There are multiple options for you and we can work up a design without visiting the property as long as the initial survey drawings are accurate (done by your local technical draughtsperson, architect or even your own plans if you’re sure they’re dimensionally correct).

Architectural Design Consultations Brighton

Most extensions in the UK do not require planning permission under new rules that have relaxed the process.

We can steer you through the application with a full-design package including overseeing the whole process with your local authority.

3d model rottingdean summer house
Planning law has changed  over recent years to encourage more development of private homes while the local authorities struggle with the lack of housing.  You’ll find most extensions and conversions can be made through what’s known as permitted development and using the neighbour consent scheme which is available to most householders in the UK. Whilst it’s still a specialist field to navigate it’s rare that you’d need architects’ drawings to meet the criteria.  Architects are required for works where planning permission is required but for PD they are an often an unnecessarily expensive service. At Clover we can oversee all local-authority permissions to build and are fully aware of what meets permitted development guidelines.  For further information please take a look here. have an excellent article on what’s allowed under PD and the exceptions that might remove PD rights.
photorealistic architectural visualisations

Transforming uninspiring buildings to genuinely beautiful homes is our speciality.  Let us show you what’s possible with your property and we can provide a full package for your builder to apply all the detail and finishes you’ll need.

Our service to you here is to meet and talk through the options you have for your development.  In these, usually two-hour sessions, we can help you understand the best way to approach the process and we can furnish you with all the right tools to help you make the best choices for your home and, as importantly, where it’s located and what other buildings surround it. We can you point in the right direction for windows and doors, render or faced brickwork, colours and styles of guttering etc.   This service can also provide very detailed scheduling spreadsheets to understand more closely the tender process.

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