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Alice and Rupert Hawkes | Brighton

Huge thanks to Dominic and his team for designing and creating a magnificent new room in our house. Dominic is professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to get along with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. (reviewed on google)

Paul and Alison Kelly | BRIGHTON

Despite consulting numerous architects, we still had no idea how we could deal with the multiple landscaping, renovation and conversion requirements our new home presented.
After just one consultation with Dominic, we understood the possibilities open to us, had a vision of the transformation and a list of the steps that would get us there. 
Dominic’s drawings bought our project to life, achieved planning permission and are now the builders’ blueprints to our reimagined and massively improved home. (reviewed on google)

Karl Elwood | Brighton

On more than one occasion I’ve turned to Dominic for his architectural design advice on building options, extension ideas, loft conversion possibilities and other aspects of home improvement and design. He always assesses a property from the perspective of practicality and aesthetics over ‘what the client wants’ which means you don’t always get to hear what you want to but what you get is an honest appraisal of the real possibilities and often a myriad of options you can actually implement.

We were all ready to spend thousands on a loft conversion but after an hour with Dominic we realised the previous advice we’d been given was born out of an opportunistic builder wanting the work and not what was actually possible (or even in our case legal).

The two-hour consultation is incredibly good value and actually saved us a fortune in unnecessary work while giving us excellent design solutions for another part of the house.

I’m very happy to recommend Dominic and his associates at Clover for sound building design. (reviewed on google)

Abigail Allt | Brighton

Outstanding service. We all have ideas of what we’d like to achieve with a property conversion but often overlook the detail, the pitfalls and the financial implications of not getting it right first time round.

Dominic gives you a clear road map and huge sense of control. I would absolutely recommend and will be excited to involve him and his team in my next project. (reviewed on google)

Mark and Jo Furniss | Hove

The team at Clover did a fantastic job of helping us understand the house we were looking at buying. Being new to the area meant we also didn’t know where to turn for reliable quotes from trustworthy tradesmen. Clover helped us solve both of these problems, and we ended up buying the house largely due to their clear-eyed assessment of what we could do, what we should do, and we needed to avoid!

James French | Brighton

Dominic’s contribution to my full house renovation has been invaluable. I was lucky enough to have him on board while I was viewing the house pre-purchase. He quickly evaluated the property and the surrounding location, and gave me the encouragement to take a punt on a big project. This was backed up with a thorough overview of what would be required to improve the house, and an accurate ball park of costings. Really useful when purchasing a bit of a wreck!

As the house needed to be reconfigured, Dominic provided CAD drawings with possible new layouts and helped me to see the full potential of the property. He also offered guidance on the most cost effective ways of using contractors and timings of works.

Dominic is a mine of useful information, and offers practical, creative and ultimately money-saving solutions. He’s also a gent, has an easy manner and is generally a really nice bloke!

Stefan Speckesser | Brighton

Dominic, You are really passionate about your job, an effective manager for domestic development projects and simply a nice person to work with. I wish you many successful years after the end of the Covid crisis. Thank you & all the best.

Laura May Coope | Brighton

After years of renting, we were finally able to buy our first home – Dominic and his team were able to help us visualise the potential that our apartment has.

With practical and helpful advice around costing, access to the Clover directory, plus planning drawings – the two hour consultancy session was inspiring and exciting

Cate and Damian | Brighton

It’s extraordinary how Dominic sees a home’s potential and can visualise a space developed.
The overall design approach made everything seem very achievable and our builder knows precisely what we’re after.

We’re now looking forward to the build and Dominic’s ongoing support throughout the project

Paul and Richard Davies | Brighton

We weren’t sure what to expect from the consultation but it proved to be invaluable as Dominic provided us with loads of inspiration and material to help us achieve the look we wanted.

We opted for the two-hour session but will probably return for another as we’ve more work to do on the house.

Mark B | Brighton

We were really struggling to get an idea of what the build would look like as our architect couldn’t do 3D versions or even visualisations of the house completed. Dominic produced them in five days at a good rate. I’m not sure we could have gone ahead with the build without him!

PF | Brighton

I was in two minds wether or not to buy the house but Dominic showed me how the building could be transformed from the oddly-shaped rabbit warren to a fantastically spacious home. He also reworked the first builder’s quote which saved over £11K.

Tom and Becki Ottway | Brighton

We needed some hand holding in finally deciding to buy our next home and Dominic gave us the confidence that the house we were looking at was the right choice and the right price.

During the two-hour session he gave us all the information we needed to transform our new home into what we really wanted. His knowledge extends way beyond design, and all the technical details he has shared with us have been invaluable.

As a consequence, we felt well armed to discuss the project with tradespeople. We initially thought his fees high but after realising how much he’d saved us, by making new suggestions or reassuring us some things were perfectly sound, and didn’t need changing, the cost of his advice was a tiny fraction of the amount of money saved.

Excellent design ideas almost felt like they were thrown in for free! Be warned, he’s very honest, even if it isn’t what you want to hear. He’ll tell you straight if something will work, and will explain why it will or won’t work. And you’ll get lots of ideas you hadn’t thought of too, thanks to his insight.

You won’t be fobbed off with ideas that won’t work or are impractical- he has an excellent understanding of what works in a particular property type- and be prepared to answer lots of questions on preferences and the way you’ll use the house once works are complete.

It’s clear that Dominic cares deeply about transforming homes with honesty and integrity, and his mantra “we are only custodians” demonstrates his love of buildings themselves for his clients’ and future occupiers’ happiness.

We couldn’t recommend his services highly enough. Huge thanks to Dominic and his team for designing and creating a magnificent new room in our house. Dominic is professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to get along with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. (reviewed on google)

Guy and Lisa Bate | Brighton

We are restyling and carrying out major improvements to our detached 5-bedroom coastal home. Dominic’s design advice was very good. It managed to combine taste and style with some significant cost saving practicality which we incorporated into our architect’s drawing. We are really looking forward to seeing the results.

Caroline and Miles Evans | Bromley

We were in need of advice about how to develop our home without breaking the bank. It’s very difficult to know how much to spend and to be sure that the work done creates at least as much equity as the build cost.

We wanted a kitchen extension and a loft conversion and turned to Dominic to get an idea of the best way to configure the house without losing the period features or remodelling too much of the house.

Three different builders previously gave us conflicting advice on what was needed, which left us uncertain what to do and wondering whether we were missing a trick. Dominic rapidly assessed the situation and came up with a configuration that took advantage of the existing structure (saving thousands in not having to remove certain walls or openings) while still giving us the space we needed. As a result of the decisions we made, with Dominic’s expert guidance, we now have two, light, airy, space-efficient rooms that we love being in and work for us as a family.

Moreover, Dominic was a joy to work with – kind, collegiate and considerate – and helped to make what was a knotty problem an enjoyable, collaborative process.

We would recommend Dominic to anyone without hesitation.  Huge thanks to Dominic and his team for designing and creating a magnificent new room in our house. Dominic is professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to get along with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. (reviewed on google)

Mark and Juliet Walters | Sussex

It was Dominic’s vision and encouragement that persuaded us to take out the majority of our down stairs walls creating a large, bright area which we use so much more now.

His understanding of space and light turned two rather pokey rooms and a narrow hallway into a more generous space which is so much better suited to family living. What looked like potential problems to me were easily solved by him. Dominic’s specialist knowledge not only contributed to getting the job done quickly and efficiently but it saved us money too.

He produced the drawings, got planning permission from the council, liaised with Building Control, produced the Party Wall notices, organised the structural calculations and calculated the correct amount of materials needed. Dominic also produced a complete schedule of works’ order and estimated costs that I could expect to pay which were almost exactly what the works eventually did cost.

This isn’t the first time Dominic has helped us. We sought his advice on buy-to-let property before deciding to proceed and he gave us the confidence to do so. After purchase Dominic helped us see how the space could be improved at a great deal less cost than we had allowed for by using the natural features of the building to make the required structural changes.

When we consider what he charges it’s not a case of whether we can afford him; it’s rather the case that we can’t afford not to seek his advice because whatever works are required he’ll find ways of making them better, more efficient, at less cost and with more empathy to the building for us (and anyone else who lives in it in the future).

The two-hour session is invaluable and he’ll be our first choice for more advice on our next property purchase.  Huge thanks to Dominic and his team for designing and creating a magnificent new room in our house. Dominic is professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to get along with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. (reviewed on google)

Suzy Murdoch | Brighton

I had already exchanged on my property but needed some reassurance that I hadn’t taken on too much!  Dominic provided a two-hour consultancy session to give me some advice; this proved invaluable as it meant I understood precisely what was needed before getting quotes from builders.

There’s a lot you can discuss in two hours and we covered a wide range of issues including the need for ventilation, electrical adaptations, underfloor damp problems and other essential elements.  The most important for me were the options for an extension. Having previously developed a house in the same road (and many more period properties in the area) Dominic was able to indicate all the potential pitfalls.

We considered all options regarding new sliding/folding doors, side-return extension, new kitchen units etc and the suitability of each; there were also considerations for light (direction of) and space.  Dominic’s knowledge is comprehensive and after the session I felt pretty confident I could speak to any builder or tradesman about what was actually needed, thus avoiding costly and unnecessary work.  For this alone, I can’t recommend Dominic more highly.  Huge thanks to Dominic and his team for designing and creating a magnificent new room in our house. Dominic is professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and easy to get along with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. (reviewed on google)